finished objects

90s girl colors

This little baby beanie is just something I whipped up after the scrap bag, just so I could knit SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I had a little less than a ball of this yarn left over from my purple Bohus sweater, and didn’t foresee using it in anything else for myself (I like pink, purple, and yellow individually, but not in a variegated yarn…mostly because I hate variegated yarns, hah), so I randomly cast on a baby hat. I figure someone will have a baby sometime that could use it. It’s probably too small for anything but a newborn, but including the pom-pom, I managed to use up every last scrap of the yarn. Yay! (I LOVE how the pom-pom looks)

I’d love to use up most of my scrap yarn in a similar way – as baby hats and clothing – because that stuff is fun and quick to knit, even without a target sprog. But a lot of my scraps are wool/alpaca ie not washable, and I don’t want to give a new mother something that’s a pain to care for. But this hat is ALL wool. That pom-pom is not super secure either. But it’s so small that I feel confident it would only be used on a newborn, and maybe only for cutie pictures at that.

And wouldn’t you know, the day I finished this, I found out someone very close to me was pregnant …

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