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a twee addition


It is DONE. Fleurette was a bit of a stretch for me, as it was entirely in lace, which made the decreases a bit harder than I’m used to. It took me a while to finish, but I’m happy with the finished product! Well, mostly. It is once again too big – but this time it’s my fault for choosing the wrong size. I thought I might need the large in front, because I wanted to make sure it fit over my chest. Granted, it sits how I want it to sit in front – there’s zero stretching and plenty of ease. But there’s too much extra fabric on the sides. I could stand to lop off 2-3 inches from each side… which is exactly what I added because I feared it would be too small. Haha. I guess it’s like they say. You really need to make like 10 sweaters before you get good at fitting yourself. It still sits pretty good, so who cares!

(Well – I’m like 7 or 8 in. Only two more sweaters to go before I feel confident, I guess?)


The fabric itself is quite nice. I like that it’s not super hole-y like lace can sometimes get. After a day’s wear, I am happy to say that it hasn’t grown in length like many of my other sweaters have. I bound off the neck too loosely so it has kind of stretched a bit, but luckily it hasn’t really been moving around on my shoulders too much. I think I might try reinforcing the seam with a line of slip-stitch crochet. I’d also like to throw it in the dryer too, to see if it sizes down a bit.

I am so happy with the cropped length. It looks strange with normal/tunic length shirts, but when I’m wearing a high-waisted dress or skirt, it hits at the perfect spot. Usually my cardigans are all too long, and while that works for pants, they kind of mess up the proportions of my dresses and skirts. I’ve got a short, stocky build so long silhouettes don’t quite work so well on me. I’d like to make more cardigans in this length.

Oh, and while I think the cotton slub yarn was the absolute perfect choice for this pattern, the slubs shed like crazy! I had to use a lint roller all over this dress. Funny; you don’t often think of cotton as a yarn that sheds…


2 thoughts on “a twee addition

  1. Yay for FO! I love how gentle and delicate it is! I think extra fabric in lace is not bad at all – it makes it look drape-y and relaxed. I can definitely tell that the only way to master choosing the perfect size is to knit as much as possible – the practice makes perfect! As for pilling cotton, as I understand it depends on the way it is spun and how it was processed. I have organic yarn in my stash and it’s spun pretty loosely and minimally processed, it is amazing to the touch, so soft and light, not stiff at all how some mercerized cottons are, but it does pill a lot!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the tips on cotton. From reading your blog, I know you knit a lot with cotton, and I’ve always admired how pretty it looks in your photos. I used an organic cotton yarn for a sweater a few months ago (Hamanaka’s Paume organic pima cotton), and I haven’t found it to pill at all thankfully. But it’s almost too smooth, if that makes sense. It wears well, but it’s a little floppy. I wish it had a bit more character to it, but I guess there are always tradeoffs.

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