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adorable bearsuit

I’m loving every moment of knitting Eric’s Jumpsuit by Ainur Berkimbayeva. Not only is the pattern easy and well-written, it’s the perfect match with the Anzula Cricket yarn. That soft merino-cashmere-nylon blend makes the squishiest garter stitch, and I want to keep knitting and knitting so I can keep feeling each luxurious knit stitch. It’s going to be so cozy for my future niece/nephew.

I’m knitting the 6-12 month size, as the baby will be born in the spring and won’t need a wooly jumpsuit anytime soon. I’m exactly on gauge with size 3 needles, the same as the pattern, so I think I’ve finally found a pattern designer with the same loose gauge as myself!

I also appreciate how mindless it is to knit, yet has such a perfect detail with the side cable. It’s so easily memorized that I didn’t have to look at the pattern after the first ten minutes. Then again, I’m really good at memorizing cable patterns. (Not like lace, where I still had to look at the pattern for the Sari shawl six months into knitting it.) Plus, the cable is the same type of slip-stitch type that I found for the first time in the Charlestown pullover (meaning, it’s not even a cable as you’re not crossing stitches).

This was the perfect antidote to the Summer-of-No-Knitting. Scrumptious yarn, a beautiful pattern, and miles of mindless garter. I wish I was knitting something for an adult so this would last longer.

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