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almost done…


I ended up redoing the embroidery on the back! It looks a bit more even now, though I guess with my non-existent skills I couldn’t work any wonders. After a bit of a bath, the top is drying now in the other room. I’m a bit disappointed that the top, since it was worked back-and-forth in parts, and the bottom, which was knit in the round, have slightly different gauges. I may be the only one who can tell, but I do prefer the gauge of the top a bit. Ah well! And while I added two balls of yarn, I think it really only needed the one. The length is pretty good, but I’m just skittish now about it growing long. However, I knit it top-down, so if it really bothers me I can frog it a bit and reknit the bottom. …But I don’t think it will really bother me all that much. It’s supposed to be floaty and boho.

Like my pinning of the ties straight up like that? (They were a bit twisty since I’m not great with crochet) I decided not to add tassels to the ends, just because I don’t think it really needs it.

I cannot wait to wear this. We’re going on a family trip to Okinawa so I’m hoping to get some finished object photos there.

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