finished objects


When I bought the snap closures for the grey cardigan, I wanted to put my purchase over 1,000 yen so I would get a stamp in my point card (even my LYS has a point card – it’s Japan!), so I got this little Anpanman patch. Anpanman is a popular children’s character here, and is basically a superhero made from anpan, which bread stuffed with sweet red bean paste. My sister absolutely loves him, so I figured I’d sew this on to something for her baby. I had some more of this Hasegawa Ginga-3 yarn left over from both my mom’s shawl and the fox I just knitted, so I knitted up a simple garter hat. It really is relaxing to knit very simple patterns like this. I hand-sewed the patch on after blocking it, and now the baby has a (nother) little hat.

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