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Blocking to measurements


I’ve finished the first phase of my smocked top! I wanted to block to make sure I got the right measurements, right about. I love the color of the yarn; it’s the perfect shade of oatmeal. You can see that the bottom parts are already flowing outwards. It should get more pronounced once the top is embroidered.

Next up, I’ll do a three needle bind-off of the shoulders, and then pick up the stitches from the bottom, join in the round, and start knitting. All three pieces joined together will have over 300 stitches! Which, dude! It only took me about two weeks to get to this part, but once I join in the round, it should take a month of two of stockinette in the round before I finish. I think I can only handle one or two rounds a day.

I had to really stretch the ribbed fabric to get the measurements I needed vertically. Width-wise, it’s much bigger than the schematic says, but I’m pretty sure that the schematic is measuring the top already embroidered. At least, I hope so! I’m like 3 or 4 cm too large horizontally, and 1 cm too small vertically. But because of all the vertical stretching that usually happens with my knitting, I’d rather it be a little small in that sense, and stretch over time. Crossing my fingers.

(Watch, this will be the one top that won’t stretch lengthwise. It IS making a very light-weight fabric!)

Hopefully it’ll look something like this!

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