slow fashion october

doing the work

sorry for the poor photo
sorry for the poor photo

I didn’t really do all that much during Slow Fashion October, but I did unpick the ribbing at the neck of my grey shell to reknit it tighter. It really didn’t take all that long. I unpicked and crocheted a slip stitch into about 1/2 of the bound off stitches. Then I chose a smaller needle, and picked up directly from the slip stitches. I’ve noticed that Japanese patterns tell you to pick up every stitch at the neckhole, but that tends to make a very loose neckhole. I didn’t know that at the time though.

The shell fits a lot better on top now! It’s like night and day. Before, I had to pin the v-neck closed if I didn’t want to spend the whole day adjusting it back on my shoulders. Now, I didn’t even have to think about it. It sits pretty perfectly…on the neck. It’s still an awkward garment – I can’t lift my arms very high without taking the whole bottom hem with it. But it should work better with outfits I paired it with in the past. I’m glad that I had Slow Fashion October to give me the motivation to spend one afternoon doing such a simple fix. I may someday rip out the whole thing, but for now, I’ll love and cherish this – the first real sweater I ever knit!

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