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finally finished!

I finally finished the Sari by Kieren Foley!  It took me basically over half a year to finish, and it was a TOUGH knit, since I could never manage to memorize the pattern, and each row took over 100 stitches. Lace on both sides. Colorwork, stranded AND intrasia. 4 different colors to keep track of. But it’s done, and it’s gorgeous, and it’s safely arrived with my mother for her 60th birthday!

I feel like I never want to knit something like this again, but we shall see, won’t we? I’m just happy it’s over. This knit took up so much of my knitting headspace, and I’ve been so busy with work otherwise. Now that it’s over, I hope to actually knit some more things? But then again, it’s been nice not being QUITE so productive, knitting-wise. I feel like I’ve wanted to get back into other hobbies, spend time with friends. Knitting by Youtube is so fun and relaxing, but sometimes I spend too much time doing that. For a majority of this year, I’d maybe knit for a half-hour a day, because I didn’t want to work on Sari and wouldn’t start anything else either. The knitting kind of stank, but I like the balance it added to my life! I’ll try to remember that going forward.

(knit things I’m not excited about so I’m not so obsessed with knitting. Interesting! Haha)

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