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finally i got my hands on some linen quill

So this is the other part of my haul from Purl Soho! Practically every color of Linen Quill, lol. I have wanted to knit with this yarn ever since I saw Karen Templer’s cardigan in the black, because that rustic look is EXACTLY my style. I haven’t knit any of it yet, but I’m looking forward to how it will knit up. It feels a bit rough in the skein, but I think it will bloom with a bath. I’ve balled up about half of it (remember, I don’t have a ball-winder), which has taken a while because each skein is so generous, especially for the price.

What on earth could I be knitting? This cardigan that I mentioned before! The main color will be the black yarn, with the seven other colors in the argyle, centering on that rich turmeric yellow as the main accent color. I cannot WAIT, but I’m going to refrain from swatching until after I’ve done knitting the jumpsuit. I also know I’ll have a ton of leftovers, but these colors are all so pretty (and neutral) that I don’t think I’ll have as much trouble as I usually do.

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