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I may have found them

Pictures from the Moorit yarn site

These may the best replacement yarns I’ve found yet for the red and yellow colors of the Bohus sweater I was talking about. It’s Shilasdair’s Silk Wool Laceweight and it’s available at Moorit (a yarn store near Tokyo Station) so I can get it in Japan! The yellow seems pale enough to match the wispyness of the original – there’s no way I’ll match the yellow, pink, and light blue variegated yarn in the original, so I’m just aiming for the yellow. The red is not quite as orange as the original, but that particular red is only used in sparse dots throughout the pattern, and I think the silk content of this yarn will help it stand out.

Then again, it might be worth it to wait until the Japanese yarn companies start coming out with their new cold weather yarns. I’ll think about it (I’ve made a lot of online purchases lately haha). In any case, I have some time. I’d like to start this sweater by late August/September so I can have it ready for the cold Iwate winter.

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