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i’m not actually the world’s fastest knitter…

img_0657Yes, while I do love this Bohus sweater, it did not in fact take me only one week to get from one sleeve to 80% finished. I actually write a lot of posts ahead of time, and the swatching for Bohus took place in August or so. With my frenzy of knitting following the completion of the Fleurette cardigan, I had plenty of extra FO’s to show off here, which gave me a healthy backlog! I’ve been working on this bad boy for since early September, and it’s been largely monogamous knitting. So while I did get through it pretty fast, it wasn’t lightspeed!

I don’t have a lot to report, actually. After cutting down the stitch count for the sleeves, I blocked them both and cast on for the body. I did add a few more repeats of the pattern to get a larger body but other than that knit largely according to the pattern. I also went up one needle size which is good, because I was aiming for a 100cm circumfrence but still only have about 95cm. 95cm is my sweet spot for RTW sweaters, so I guess it worked out!

Because of the smaller sleeves, I was still a few stitches short for the yoke as written, but it worked out alright. The pattern is a repeat of 6 so I made sure I had enough to be divisible by 6. Then during the first decrease row, I only decreased enough to bring me back to the pattern numbers. I was only off by about 10-12 stitches anyway, so I don’t foresee it being a problem.

Actually, joining for the yoke was really fiddly, so I didn’t quite enjoy that part. It’s my first yoke sweater, so practice makes perfect, but it was really hard to get the armpit stitches to line up to graft them together (the pattern calls for grafting, but I might go back and crochet in a seam in case it seems droopy). The first few rows after joining together were really annoying too, because the cord length on my circular needles is only about 80cm, and I needed more of a magic loop to get around the tight arm area. Lessons for later.

I really have powered through this sweater, because I just want to see all the colors emerge from the needles. But I ran out of the red yarn, and will have to wait about a week before my order arrives. I thought I’d have enough – I bought what the pattern specified! – but I think adding width to the body is what zapped up a lot of yarn. So while I’m waiting, I’ll try on the body and see if it fits or not. If it does, I’ll take this time to weave in my 100s of ends. If it doesn’t…well, then I’ll be ripping back, painfully. I didn’t want to see if it fit before writing this, because I just want some time to admire how beautiful it looks! I want this sweater to be perfect, so if it’s wrong, I want to know and try again. But I’m not quite ready to face that challenge!

But I’ll probably try it on later today…

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