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knitting in japan: lys


This is one of my local yarn shops, where I go to browse sometimes on my lunch hour. I just found out today that this sheep illustration was drawn by the wife of the owner. She saw me taking pictures, and was shaking her head and laughing in the window. I asked her if it was alright that I took the shots, and she said, “It’s been around for so long (haven’t you seen it before?” To be honest, I hadn’t paid much attention to it! She said she had drawn it in the very beginning because they needed a logo. What a cute little drawing too. She gave me a pink paper bag with the illustration on it as well, for safe keeping.

Neither this shop or the other one I frequent have much in the way of yarn. They’re both more like craft shops, selling lots of fabrics and notions along with yarn. On display is a good amount of Hamanaka yarn, lots of acrylics, and a bunch of thin crochet yarn. Most of it isn’t my style, but I just love having shops around where I can feel the yarn in my two fingers. These are the places that knitters go to in Japan. Little shops in shopping districts aimed at older shoppers. I may be a rarity, but people always make me feel welcome.

Let’s face it, we can get any yarn we would ever desire through the internet. But I think it’s important to frequent these shops and buy from them when I can. Yarn’s not booming in Japan like it is abroad. I just hope that these shops stick around for a long, long time.



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