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I always tend to watch Youtube or something else online when I knit, which works especially well since I can memorize a pattern and just watch the screen instead of my knitting. But with my Sari stole, I can’t really watch many tv shows or let’s plays because I can’t pay attention to anything else but the pattern. So I’ve been turning on podcasts instead, just to have some sort of interest for my brain. Lately, I’ve been watching knitting podcasts, which is a little bit funny for me. Thus far, I haven’t been interested. Most podcasts I’ve seen follow the same pattern: “Here’s what I’m knitting! Here’s the tea I’m sipping! Here’s my huge stash of ugly sock yarns! (lol)” I’m a judgemental bitch, I know!

Well, I’ve found some I like. They’re still pretty much the same format, but the hosts are all so delightful that it doesn’t matter! I actually like these ladies because they talk about their own lives as well, instead of only cooing over some godawful lime green-pink-lavender striping yarn.

Ruby Moss Cottage

It’s so relaxing to hear Joyce’s lovely voice as she talks about her latest knits. Honestly, I just really love her accent, and how positive she is about everything. Plus, it’s adorable how much she loves Stephen West.

The Grocery Girls

Oh, I know everyone else loves them too. But they’re just so funny together. Their podcasts are LONG but don’t feel that way because of their snappy banter. I want to be like Jodie when I grow up. (I agree with everyone else that their new Crafty show is not near as good as their podcast)

The Girls in the Yarn Cafe

This mother and daughter team sells their own dyed yarn and so they talk a lot about their dyeing process which is pretty interesting even though I wouldn’t use that yarn. (It’s just my own bias, I know) But also, I love how much they talk about their jobs (they’re both in the psychiatry field), and their philosphies about things. It’s pretty fascinating! I’d like to take Christy’s “I’m the CEO of my own life” for my own purposes, thanks 🙂


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