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Modeling in Okinawa


My finished smocked top! I like how this came out, and I love the texture of the fabric, which has only gotten better and better with wear (ignore the wrinkles in the photo – that’s how you know I really wore the top!). The embroidery evened out a bit and the design is just the perfect floaty top for summer. I wore this in Okinawa in 90 degree muggy weather, and while the undershirt I had on had me sweating, the light knitted top was like wearing basically nothing on top. I love the drape, the color, the length. Everything!

Except it did stretch quite a bit during a day’s wear. The length remained pretty much the same, as there isn’t a ton of weight to the fabric, but the armholes in particular stretched out to give an unsightly window to my undershirt. I think it’s because there’s no seam or picked-up stitches to give it structure – it’s just a 2 row knit, 2 row purl pattern added to the edge of stockinette. I love how it looks, but it’s not the most stable stuff in the world. I washed it and popped it in the dryer, and came out good as new, if maybe a bit softer than it had been before.


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