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seriously, it’s only been since July?

I’m back for another round of updates! I don’t know how long this will last, as I’m about to get even more swamped with work and I think that will be the new status quo. I’m super happy about that – I had too much free time on my hands for such a long time that a knitting blog helped me fill some of it – but I did enjoy chronicling my knitting and I hope to get to do it more than occasionally. Then again, for a while last year it felt like all I was doing was knitting, and neglecting a social life because it felt better to just hermit it up at home. Like I’ve said before, I really wanted to strike a balance, and I think I have.

I have because mostly I didn’t knit for an entire month! Hah. I was busy, but I also chose a project that was not suited to me at all, and stubbornly I just wanted to finish it before moving on to something else. After I finished my other striped Vasa mentioned in the previous post, I decided I wanted to a) get rid of some scraps and b) try tapestry crochet. I REALLY like the look of colorwork in crochet, especially with southwest motifs like above. I also wanted to make a bag for taking toiletries on business trips, because my old one was getting so ratty, and practice sewing a liner and a zipper.

So on the face of it, this was a very neat project, but guys. Tapestry crochet is just so. boring. to me. It’s so fiddly carrying the yarn inside. I had to keep using smaller crochet needles since my gauge is always so loose. I had to do the major colorwork section about 4 times and only realize now what mistake I was making (It didn’t quite look right so I would crochet 2 together or increase every row randomly. Of course, that just made weird bulges in the bag). Most of all, a fiddly project just wasn’t what I was wanting to knit – I wanted to knit some stockinette or a large sweater or something, because I’m too busy to want a complicated project these days.

But anyway, it’s finished. I used 175-23 Folk Dance by DROPS design, by the way, and it’s not a bad little bag. I’m proud of the hand-sewn liner and zipper, at least. Also, even if I don’t love how it turned out, that’s probably for the best since it’s just going to get beat around in my luggage all the time. If it was something gorgeous, I wouldn’t want to use it! Hah.

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