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shimmering garnet


I’ve finished my Notched Hem Tank Top by Purl Soho! I love how the fit of this one came out. I was undecided between sizes, and decided to go with the smaller size even though I wanted ease on this one. It’s just that every time I’ve picked the bigger size, I’ve been a bit disappointed at the end because the garment always ends up growing. I remembered some advice Amy Herzog gave on the podcast regarding sizes: always go for the size that fits you in the shoulders, because that’s where fit is the most crucial. After all, knitting is made to stretch, so it’s fine if it stretches a bit in the boob area.


I think my issue is that I’ve hesitated knitting anything with negative ease, because I don’t want anything clinging to my midsection. But I’ve overcompensated and everything has ended up just a bit too big. I really succeeded with the fit this time, so I might go for a size smaller now when I pick sizes. (Well, it doesn’t matter too much since I mostly knit Japanese patterns, which are basically One Size Fits All)

The finishing on this tank was a royal pain in the ass though. The pattern is fine, it’s just that I was working with two tiny strands of unforgiving linen yarn, so it was slippery and hard to bind off the neckline in a neat way. I must have tried the arm hole finishing about 4 times before I got it. First I binded off too tightly, then too tightly again, and then I just basically bounded off as loosey goosey as I could, and it feels mostly right. It’s a little sloppy looking though. If it bothers me I might pick it out and crochet a finishing or something.


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