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slow fashion october: a garment i almost love

From "Shawls, stoles, ponchos, and boleros", a Japanese knitting book
From “Shawls, stoles, ponchos, and boleros”, a Japanese knitting book

This is the first *real* sweater I knit for myself. It’s an alpaca vest-shell type thing that’s basically a long scarf wrapped around itself and sewn together. I figured it would be easy for a first garment project.

(Well, I did knit a bulky cardigan before this, but that was with some gift acrylic yarn and I knew it was just for practice. I probably wear it more, as I just wear it around the house for knocking around. It’s ugly, but I made it long enough ago that I love it warts and all. But it’s not a garment I would wear outside)

Anyway, I’m only 80% in love with this shell. I LOVE the fabric the yarn made. It’s a bulky alpaca-wool mix, and it’s SO soft. It sheds and felts a bit, but it still looks really good, mostly because there’s not a lot of places for it to rub together (no sleeves). And I like this idea of a shell over a black shirt or turtleneck. I’ve worn it a lot. But I’ve never loved how loose it is on the shoulders. It falls off constantly without a pin to hold it together. As you can see in the picture, it basically has no shoulders!

I’ve thought about repurposing the yarn, but the only thing I’d have in mind is a skirt, and I don’t think this yarn would work with a garment that needs to be sat on all the time (can you imagine the pilling on the butt??). And I do like this! So I think I just need to crochet in some reinforcement. I might even unpick the ribbing up top, pick up less stitches, and use a smaller needle to reknit. I might work on this in between the Bohus sweater (which, by the way, I’m much farther along than this blog indicates. I’ve got a backlog of posts, so while the next post will show me done the first sleeve, I’ve actually knit up both sleeves, the body, and most of the yoke. And then I decided to rip it allllll the way back due to fit issues. So I’m on my second go around. But you’ll see it eventually!)

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