in progress

slowly coming along

cardigan progress

Mmm, I doubt this cardigan will get finished for summer. It’s August now, and I still have the rest of the back, and both front pieces to knit. This came along a lot less quickly than I thought it would! Oh well, no big deal. I’ll finish this up, get some work done on my blue cowl (right now I only have about an inch of progress), and then skip over the Vasa top I have planned. The white for the Vasa will come from leftovers from this cardigan, which I’m not sure I’ll have enough. The cardigan has taken up a lot less yarn than I thought, though. I still have like 6 whole balls left (out of ten).

I enjoy when I get to this part in a pattern, where I’ve memorized the stitches and just need to knit on and on. I’m not close enough to be done yet, so there’s no pressure in knitting quickly to get it over with. It’s just me and the yarn (and some youtube in the background). This cardigan is gonna be cute – I wish I had it now, because it’s hot enough for the sleeveless tops that I’d like to wear to work (with the cardigan to cover).

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