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Eric’s Jumpsuit by Ainur Berkimbayeva

LOOK how beautiful the increases are in that hood. This pattern is wonderful, this yarn is wonderful, knitting for a future niece or nephew is wonderful. It’s projects like this that make me love being a knitter! In a way, it’s good I took a break during the summer, so I could find out all over again just how much knitting does for my life. I went through a series of intense events this past month – some good, some scary, some very sad – but at least having a comforting knitting project makes it easy to center my emotions. I’ll always appreciate that about this craft.

I’m almost done the knitting, and will soon have to install the zipper. I’m looking forward to it, even though I still don’t have a lot of experience with sewing with knitting. The good thing is that I’ll probably use up most of the third ball of yarn! I thought I’d have too much, but it turns out I really do have just enough, and won’t have to worry about using up the leftovers. (I also am 99% confident that I have enough for the project, though I would certainly die from financial shock if I had to get another ball of that liquid gold Anzula Cricket yarn…)

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