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sobacchi mittens

Emma’s Mittens by Minh Hoang

I found a use for the Iwaizumi Spincraft Yarn I showed off here a few months ago. It’s such an interesting black, with all the flecks of color in it, and I figured it would go well with the plaid crochet hat. I also had a few ideas for it – to knit a liner for it as well as a few extra modifications. One would be a hole for index finger on my right hand (for ease of smartphoning), and the other would be a small pocket that would fit my mp3 player. My mp3 player is close to ten years old, and often shuts off in the cold weather so I need to keep it warm at all times. This way it nestles in a pocket by my hand and I don’t have to think about it!

They are just so beautiful and versatile. I’m very happy I made them, even if one is a looser gauge than the other. The pop of red is so fetching at the edge of the ribbing. I did a provisional cast on and just knit the main pattern first, then knit the ribbing going the other way. Then I just switched to the red yarn and knit a whole new mitten basically. This way I have a soft inner liner (and use up some extra yarn in the process).

The black truly goes with everything, and the knitting process was a joy. Two layers of handknits is even more plush and wonderful. I want to use this technique again!

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