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the thrill in teaching

Finally I’ve roped in one of my friends into knitting! My friend A really needed something to distract her from some stuff, and told me she was trying to knit. She actually tried a bit by herself, with 100-yen-shop needles (actually, they’re quite good quality), and 100-yen-shop yarn (meh, but it’s better than Red Heart Super Saver). It wasn’t going so well, since she’s knitting left-handed, so I tried to teach her.

I ended up teaching her all backwards, since I don’t knit left-handed myself (and it had been a while since I had knit English style to boot).

Anyway, I tried again, after watching some Youtube videos on how to knit left-handed (which I guess is not a bad technique to know in general). And I’d say she’s pretty much got it. The way I had taught her before resulted in her twisting stitches, and she’s got an tight gauge to begin with, so she was knitting acrylic scrubbies you could scratch car paint off with. I gave her some old bamboo straights I had that are size 7mm (not size 7s, but 7mm! When could my loosey-goosey ass ever knit with one of those?), made sure she knew what a twisted stitch and non-twisted stitch look like, and she’s been off at the races ever since.

She wanted to try a garment (so brave!) so she’s knitting a simple ribbed rectangle pattern that will be sewn up at the end like a shrug. It looks great and I’m honestly so proud of her. I didn’t feel brave enough to try something like that until like, two years of knitting. She even figured out a k2tog decrease by herself. I’m just so happy to find someone else that knits (there are a few of us foreign ladies in Iwate who do knit, but we all live pretty far from each other so can’t exactly meet often for stitch’n’bitch sessions).

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