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*** 常子の前では、 星野も素顔でいられます。 * #連続テレビ小説 #朝ドラ #とと姉ちゃん #坂口健太郎 #笑顔

NHK連続テレビ小説「とと姉ちゃん」さん(@nhk_totonechan)が投稿した写真 –

This tall glass of milk is Kentaro Sakaguchi, the actor playing the main love interest in Totone-chan, the morning drama I’ve been watching. Not only does he look lovely in handknit sweaters, he’s exactly my type: a sweet bespeckled man (my husband being the sweetest and most handsome bespeckled man of all). Well, I guess I don’t know what type of person Sakaguchi-san is, but I do know his character Hoshino is just so kind and gentle, and so beautifully matched with the strong main character.

Anyway, totally unrelated, I knit an ambitious cabled cardigan for my husband last year, using a pattern book full of men’s sweaters. (It’s, of course, on the big side, but I digress). The patterns are all simple and refined, with a boyish style that really fits my husband’s style, but I also bought it because the model was fiiiiine. Totally my type…….. and then it struck me a few days ago. I’ve been watching this dude everyday for like six months (that’s how long NHK’s morning dramas run…): it’s Kentaro Sakaguchi!!


This must have been a few years ago, before he got famous (I doubt a famous actor would appear in a knitting book). But still, it’s something so weird and nerdy and wonderful that I had to share.

(It’s okay, my husband and I have an agreement that it’s okay to crush on television actors.)

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