Life in Iwate, Japan

About me


Junior Staff, Iwate Prefectural Government

岩手県 主事
Age: Old enough to remember VHS


Physical Specs: Bigger than a Pikachu, smaller than a Blastoise


Name: an obscure Boston song


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I enjoy writing about my hobbies, and you can also find me on my work-related sites.

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So where is Iwate?

A hidden land of gold in northern Japan

Iwate is where I live, work, and play. It's a prefecture in northern Japan that is home to lush mountains, a vast coastline, and amazing people. I arrived in 2009, thinking I was just going to spend a few years in the countryside before heading elsewhere. 

Well, you know how that story ends: it wasn't long before my life would become entwined with this natural wonderland.



Right now I work for the Iwate Prefectural Government, doing:

International communications
Translations, interpreting, correspondence, tour guiding. Whatever it is, I try to convey the beauty and charm in the original Japanese that tends to get lost in literal translation. There's a lot of background information that English speakers just don't know about - and that Japanese people don't think to explain. While my work is varied, I always strive to bridge that cultural gap.


翻訳、通訳、メールのやりとり、ツアーガイド。どんな仕事であっても、原文の直訳では失われてしまう言葉の美と魅力を発信しようとしています。英語圏向けに何か文章を訳すときに、向こうではあまり知られていない背景や情報を追加しなければなりません。 だから、そういった文化ギャップの架け橋としていつも頑張っています。

Inbound tourism
Ah, "Inbound." The big buzzword in Japan at the moment. There's a foreign tourism boom, and the regions outside of Tokyo are chomping at the bit to attract new visitors. I'm trying to rev up interest in Iwate by improving our marketing towards English speakers - focusing on things we actually want to do and see.


International Linear Collider
The single most important project for Iwate, for Tohoku, and for the whole of Japan. The ILC will be the world's most advanced particle collider, and its proposed site is in the Kitakami mountains of Iwate. Should the ILC be built here, not only will we see amazing scientific discoveries and the birth of new industries. Iwate will become home to around 3,000 foreign researchers from abroad. I'm doing all I can to help realize this future-looking project.


In any case, I'd love for the more people to learn about Iwate and the rest of the Tohoku region. For me, Iwate is not the Japan with cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji, or geiko clacking down century-old city streets. It's lush hills home to kamoshika deer. It's ancient temple complexes, gilded with gold. It's friends gathered around a hot pot during a snowy night. It's a fisherman on a small boat, guiding visitors by gorgeous cliffs jutting out of the Pacific. It's people hard at work rebuilding their prefecture from the earthquake and tsunami. It's a whole other side of Japan that I had no idea existed.

Iwate was where I learned to love. Iwate was where I learned to live. And I hope I can help others see it too.



Here's something I worked on recently that feels like "Iwate" to me.

The Kotatsu Train of Iwate

Special Judge's Award - JET Programme Video Contest

審査委員特別賞 - JET プログラム動画コンテスト