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a top-down improvised idea


If I was to participate in the Fringe Association knitalong, and I’m not saying I will, maybe I would knit something like this. I’m a big fan of close-fitting fisherman’s rib sweaters, with collars that stand up a bit. I’ve seen them a lot lately at work (well, not lately, as it’s the middle of summer), and I kind of want one for myself. But rather than a fisherman’s rib that’s worked all over the sweater, I was thinking it could be just done in a few sections. For example leading out from the collar into the shoulders and down the arm. Or a little bit on the side. Then, maybe some eyelets on the raglan increases.

I pulled out a few yarn leftovers to maybe swatch out the idea. Again, I’m not super crazy about adding a new sweater in my queue, especially when I’m not raring to knit it. But I kind of want to try a knitalong, so that’s why I keep thinking about it! I have some bulky tweed yarn and some sleeker DK weight wool that I might play around with later to see if I even like the ideas I’m thinking of regarding the stitch pattern.

I will say though, as I was going through my stash for leftovers, that I quite lovingly fondled the yarn for my Bohus sweater. I still want to knit that first! If I’m not crazy about my swatches, I might be a *good girl* and just forget this whole top-down sweater business. That way I can get to that sweater even faster.

Anyway, ignore all that: … Here’s me and an addendum written a day later. I swatched some yarn and just was NOT feeling it. The wool yarn felt hot and scratchy in my fingers, the texture of the knit was all wrong, and it was way too bulky. Fisherman’s rib should NOT be knit with bulky yarn, unless you’re trying to make a coat or something. I came to the conclusion that I’m forcing myself to think about a top-down improvised sweater when I don’t really want to do it. So I won’t. I’ll pass on this one, and hopefully I’ll see a knitalong one of these days with better timing. I’ll certainly keep my eye on Fringe Association!

…And I still like the idea of the sweater itself. Maybe one day.

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