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Well, I gave myself a day or two to mourn, but it’s time to get back to work. Or, in this case, back to knitting. I gain such solace from knitting in normal times, so I have a feeling it will be even greater comfort in the future.

(I know it is priveleged and lucky for me to be able to just *go back* to knitting, but do know that I’m doing what I can while living in Japan as an American.)

Anyway, here’s the state of the queue as of November 2016:

queuenov2016Actual things I’m working on:

1. A cardholder (my own pattern)

2. Sari by Kieran Foley

Future patterns I’d like to knit in no particular order (and this may change):

1. Journey by Alina Schneider

2. Peach-tone Argyle Cardigan by Yoko Hatta

3. A jacket/cardigan of some sort, inspired by Chanel and designs in the Knitting Life pattern book by Keiko Okamoto

4. A skirt with a dense knitted fabric, with sewn liner. I’m looking for something not tight at all, a little bit more loose than a pencil skirt yet not flowy. And I’d like it to hit right above the knee. (I had a RTW skirt like this for many years that got too threadbare to wear. I’ve always wanted a replacement) Pictures are taken randomly from Polyvore – let me know if you’d like them taken down.

I think I’ll work on the two patterns on the needles first (I wanted to finish Sari for Christmas but I don’t know if that will happen unless I dedicate every free hour to it), and I’ll be mulling over what to work on next. I’m intrigued by my skirt idea, but this would be just as much a sewing project as a knitting project, and I’m not an experienced sewer. It would be quite a reach for me, which is why I’d really like to tackle such a project. But I’m also drawn to a sumptious cable-y sweater like Journey (which I would knit in a red color, I think). That, or the striking argyle cardigan.

As far as the Chanel-type-ish cardigan ideas, I think I’ll be looking for more inspiration over the next few months. I’m not at the skill I want to be for such a jacket (it would be lined), so I think I’ll try a skirt first and then see if I even like doing such a project. But it would be a very interesting project indeed!

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