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Interweave Knits, Winter 2017

ep15145_2_medium2Bray Cardigan by Josie Mercier

The latest Interweave Knits is just FULL of sumptious cabled patterns! I think sometimes designers have to be careful of the amount of cables they use, especially if the pattern uses heavy yarn and moss stitch, just because it can quickly overpower a sweater. Yet I think intricate cables can be so fun, so I’m always looking for patterns that strike that perfect balance. I think IK did an amazing job of that. I probably wouldn’t knit this cardigan as I don’t particularly need a heavy cabled cardigan, but it’s gorgeous.


Tullamore Pullover by Brandy Velten

This one is simple and perfect. Love the mock turtleneck. Think it might work better with a different yarn choice that makes the cables really pop.



Ennis Pullover by Sarah Solomon

This is my favorite! (could be the oatmeal color though) I love all the simpler vertical cables and the intricate crisscross in the middle. More than anything I love how light it looks because of the thinner yarn (though it says it’s DK. With my loose guage, fingering weight would be fine). This might be a new contender for the cabled sweater I want to knit – this or Alina’s Journey. Think how beautiful either of those would be in a deep red wine color! I’m still leaning towards Journey since I’ve love the unique argyle cables, but this one is sticking with me too.

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