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Here is the last swatch I made with the cotton slub yarn. Made with size 4’s along with some extra Hamanaka Flax C yarn. This is my idea for my next Vasa that I’ve had for a while. A grey top section, with grey and orange stripes on a white bottom. Basically, it will use up the white yarn that I’m hoping will be left over after my Fleurette. I knitted with size 4’s on purpose: I decided I want an airy fabric and to knit with a needle larger than 2.25mm, hah! I think the slubs give it a really interesting appearance.

striped-vasaGod, I just love stripes. If you’ve got stripes on your pattern, that’s a guarantee it’s going to catch my eye. Here I am with the Vasa I knit last year, knit with Hamanaka Flax C in navy and grey. Such a cute little shirt. I know it’s just two rectangles sewn together but that just means there’s lots of room for creativity! I had been looking at other shirts, but many other cute shirts have lots of design details that stripes would distract from. With a shape like this, I’d love to have dark grey with yellow, peach and white stripes, and a classic white with blue. You could knit even larger blocks of color. Some intarsia might work well?!

(If you’re knitting Vasa, make sure you knit with plenty of ease and an airy gauge. You can sew the neckline larger or smaller to play with the fit up top – but I think in general it looks best as a roomy top over a tight tank top. Though you could give it waist shaping if you wanted to!)

I love brightly colored yarn like any hot-blooded knitters, but I feel like stuff that looks enticing in the skein often comes out as too garish when knitted up. Adding the color as a stripe pattern on a neutral base can cut down the garish factor. It’s also a great way to get rid of leftovers. I bought a skein of pink/orange Tosh Merino Light from Purl Soho when I was last in New York, and then panicked because I had no idea what to do with it. I don’t need a solid neon peach scarf. So I used it in a stripey shawl pattern with white and grey (It’s Drachenfels by Melanie Berg). It really neutralized the color:


The white and grey are alpaca (Hamanaka’s Alpaca Villa) and are so fuzzy and soft. I LOVE this thing. It works well with both my winter coat and a light spring jacket. And I still have leftover pink yarn to stripe something else!

(and it was knit with, you guessed it: size 1 needles!!)

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