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As I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of PokemonGO in the last few weeks, it’s really reawakened my love for the little pocket monsters. I have been playing Pokemon in one form or another for almost twenty years, so seeing all this love for Pikachu makes me all nostalgic inside. So I was thinking: how about mixing my two passions here? Knitting and Pokemon? There’s gotta be some good patterns, I thought, as I looked on Ravelry. Well, mostly it’s a bunch of strange creations that don’t really look like Pokemon (I think they’re inherently suited for something like a sewn stuffed animal, rather than crocheted or, ugh, knitted patterns). I think the issue is that you really have to adapt their design for crochet, rather than try to make a huge stuffed animal that tries to emulate the original design. But hey, I’ve never designed stuff like that so who am I to judge!

Anyway, I thought I’d share some interesting patterns in case you’re thinking of creating a creature for yourself or a Pokefan in your life.

  1. Magikarp Pokemon by Nichole’s Nerdy Knots – an adorable representation of everyone’s favorite useless Pokemon. Crochets up fast!
  2. Chubby Squirtle by Justine Dalipe – the perfect round shape
  3. Pokemon: Pikachu by i crochet things  – I think this is the best shaped Pikachu in the entire Ravelry library. Look how perfect his cheeks are! And his head is a nice oblong, rather than a sphere.
  4. Shellder Amigurumi by Seo Roh – Ingenious. Rather than design a black sphere with eyeballs, the designer suggests Shellder’s inner body by just hinting with the shadow of the two shell halves.


  1. Chikorita by Justine Dalipe – Another perfectly shaped Pokemon by this designer. All her stuff is great, but I’m partial to both Squirtle and Chikorita as they were my starters in those generations.
  2. Pokemon Milotic Amigurumi by Jose Luis Blanco Machinea – What a work of skill and beauty. I won’t be creating this one, but I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Pokemon: Gengar by i crochet things – This Gengar is even more wonderful than the Pikachu above. I tend to dislike patterns that use felt appliques for features on amigurumi, as I think it’s very hard to get to look right. But this one looks great!
  4. Karpe Diem: Useless Goldfish by Akabeko Botan – Love the name. This would be perfect for a little kid. And I love how they suggested Magikarp’s scales on his tail.

I wish there were more options other than amigurumi on Ravelry though. My favorite Pokemon products are things like stationery, bags, and other trinkets where a Pokemon has been added subtly to the design. Like a handkerchief with a small Pikachu silhouette. I’m not a six-year-old boy, I don’t need to broadcast my love of a 20-year-old franchise to the world. So I wish there was like, a sweater with a subtle Onix or Goldeen motif or something. …Maybe that’s something I’ll have to make myself!

(of course Brock would have an Onix striped sweater, and Misty a sweater in Goldeen colors!)

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