summer knitting

queue check: july


  1. Fleurette by Melissa Dominguez
  2. Equatorial Nights by Audry Nicklin
  3. Vasa by Dianna Walla (Maybe)
  4. Bohus sweater from Keito Dama 2013 by Noguchi Hikaru

Think I’m set for the rest of summer, and most of fall to be honest. The cardigan, I’m already working on, and I decided on the cowl for the blue yarn I mentioned earlier. The Vasa is probably not going to happen for now, unless I blow through the cowl quickly and want another simple project. And I’d like to start the Bohus sweater while it’s still summer, because I think it will take a while and I want it in time for late fall.

In between I might knit some quick projects like some hats or socks. But this feels good, to have a schedule of sorts. After these are done I’ll have burned through a lot of my stash too! I think having any more than four is a fool’s game though. For a time I had tens of patterns in the queue in my head, but knitting takes so much time. By the time I got to their position in the queue I was kind of over a lot of the patterns! So many new patterns get released every day; fashions evolve and change. I’ll never get through everything that I’ll want to knit. So I pick the pattern that sparks that feeling of desire in me, at that time and place and particular moment, and just hope for the best.

It’s also kind of exciting, in that I have no big plans for winter knitting yet. I was looking forward to summer knitting since January of this year – planning and plotting and researching yarn. I’m not ready to think about winter yet,  but maybe in humid August I’ll be dying for cold weather. I think the Bohus sweater represents a big thing for me – a stranded color sweater – that I’m not quite ready to think about what I could want after that.

Maybe a heavy cardigan, or a cable sweater, or…

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