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silk really takes color well


A long time ago, I saw a picture of Sari by Kieran Foley on tumblr, and just fell in love. In particular, it was yuki77’s Sari that immediately sent pangs of desire through me. I think the original Sari is impressive looking and the gradation of rainbow colors is very nice. But I’m not a rainbow-type of girl, and luckily yuki77’s Ravelry entry listed all of the yarn she used (with exact amounts and everything!). I need to start being more detailed on my own Ravelry entries in case anyone wants to copy me!

(they won’t)

Yuki77 used Ginga-3 from Hasegawa Corporation, a light fingering weight silk yarn. It’s 100% silk, which I’ve never worked with before (I’ve got a shawl I crocheted about 3 years ago that’s a silk-acrylic…with more acrylic than silk), and I’m just amazed by the vibrance of its colors. I’ve always heard how well silk takes dye, but it really is true. Look at the rich green and yellow up there! (called “jade” and “yam” by the company, which I love. “Yam!”) The thing is, it looks way more like wool to me, because it’s all tweedy. I LOVE tweedy, and in fact I’m not even a big fan of shiny yarns, which is why I haven’t worked much with silk in the past. But this silk is perfect. The feel is like linen, the look is like wool, and the colors are all silk. Wonderful.

(and I’m lucky that it’s a Japanese yarn, so very easy for me to get!)

I swatched for the pattern, and I’m pretty much on gauge with size 1’s, of course. Not that gauge matters much with a shawl. I’m excited, because this is one juicy pattern. Lace on both sides, stranded colorwork, AND intarsia. The finished objects all look so ornate! I LOVE the colors I have, and they are perfect for autumn, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one for myself. It would really suit my mom, and I haven’t knitted anything for her in ages…

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