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I’ve been a crazy person lately, wanting to knit all the things. That always happens when I finish a big project. I’m such a monogamous knitter that my hands yearn to grab all the things I didn’t get to knit for months. Luckily I’ve been able to get through a lot of stash…so much so that I have barely any left. Isn’t that a miracle??

I have a bunch of leftover fingering weight yarn (both sock and linen yarn for summer tops), but I’ve gotten through most of my wool yarn. Well, of course, I’m not counting the huge stack of yarn for my Bohus sweater, which is in a seperate basket. And there’s yarn on the way for a Sari shawl and the summer striped Vasa top that got moved to the back of the queue. It felt so GOOD to purchase those yarns, knowing that I had plenty of room for them. I’m actually going to Tokyo in a week, and I was thinking I’d stop by the yarn shops there. But I think I’ll pass this time. I think it’s best that I only buy yarns that I need for specific projects, rather than yarns I buy because they’re pretty.

Or maybe I’ll just browse the yarn shop’s selection online and then see what other Ravelers have knitted with them…


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